Aligning the Stars Since 2009


"In my eyes the world of jewelry making contains a non-stop kaleidoscope of beautiful options of light and color... I'm inspired by the natural world that surrounds my studio and the idea of creating heirloom quality adornments that echo of sparkling futures and ornate pasts."  

- Julie Nolan

Julie Nolan is a fine jeweler from Pelham, Massachusetts.  She is a graduate of the Alexandre school of optical diamond setting, having trained under master diamond setter Alexandre Sidorov in Antwerp, Belgium.  Her work blends traditional techniques of wax carving, diamond setting, and gold-smithing with a modern sensibility for design and composition.  

Julie Nolan Jewelry is a woman-owned and operated design and production studio. Julie creates small production collections and one of a kind heirloom pieces by hand in her picturesque studio in the foothills of Western Massachusetts.  Each piece of jewelry from JNJ has a story.  Whether it is a zodiac constellation inspired by a turn of the century Swiss calendar or a ring inspired by a 13th century Romanov Royal.  Each piece begins as either a piece of wax that is carved, molded and shaped, or from a piece of metal that is fabricated into a master prototype.  From the inception of JNJ to the present, her skill has been honed through years of experience, cultivating a dedicated customer base in the world of independent jewelry designers.